Atria’s main charter base is in Athens having also correspondents in the islands of Kos in the Dodecanese, and Lefkas in the Ionian.Through our experience and network, we provide bare-boat, skippered and fully crewed yacht charters anywhere in Greece.

Our charter department is always available to find the right boat for you, to assist in planning your route, to suggest and expand your sailing experience.

Being yacht owners and managers, we put forward a considerable number of boats fully equipped for charter, that will fulfill your demands.


At Atria, we believe that successful yacht management is a combination of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our charter department aims to maximize the charter revenue for the owner while our technical department handles the boat maintenance to the best possible level.

Our operations department always aims to provide the appropriate consumables and spare-parts at the most reasonable prices without undermining quality. This achieves the highest possible income for the owner,while at the same time keeps the boat condition at the highest possible quality level.


Atria’s operations department makes sure your boat documents are timely renewed, and takes all necessary action regarding legal documents compliance, ownership transfers, surveys, inspections,re-flagging and de-flagging as well as company formations concerning recreational boats.

Our experienced personnel handles, completely or partially, this kind of projects on behalf of the owner.


From polishing and anti-fouling to woodwork and gel-coat repairs / constructions. Electronics, electrical, plumbing, engine, rigging, sails, upholstery, deck and below deck repairs and services.

Atria’s technical department takes care of your boat’s maintenance, overhauling winterization, equipment installation, testing procedures and repairs. Our experienced engineers focus on safety, functionality and quality.